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Originally Posted by ET Warrior
The thing I find interesting is we care so much about what it is that makes people "gay" or "not gay" but we don't seem to care so much about what it is that makes people like or dislike tomatoes.
Good point. (blabla so frequent blaiblaiblub )

Really, I second that. It's like the food thing. Some prefer steak and some a good burger. Some like both. Some none of it. And why do they like it or not? Because grandma sucked at making burgers or they once had a steak with mould on it. Or both. Or for complete different reasons, who knows.

The gay people I do know simply experienced during their youth (or after their first marriage) that they somehow have a better erection if they are opposed to same gender. Nothing spectacular.

Also, there are people, who don't like sexual contacts at all. Is it a gene? Is it a choice? No. Because this is very often connected to how they where raised, or even to molesting or rape. It's nothing these people chose. It's a behaviour they developed due to experiences and circumstances in their lifes.
... YES! I *do* know there a those among us, who chose abstinence as their path to enlightenment, but remember, how many of you are (for unknown reasons?) gay and just too frightened to tell, because your religion is against it? Also, this is addressing people who don't like it, not those who don't want it until the easter bunny gives permission. XD

So, in the end it's not THE gene, it's not THE choice that makes a person gay or not. If at all, then it maybe dependend to a handful of genes combined with personal experiences and the social environment, but I seriously doubt there is a manual on "how to get a person straight/gay" available.

The only true "choice" most gay people make is whether they have a "coming out" or not.

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