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Well then, we keep coming back to the issue of solving the world's problems first, before we head out and make them the galaxy's problems. If the entire planet needs to work together to make these things a reality then that's still a pretty big thing to overcome on it's own.

Money is simply a reality in our world. There's no way around it. Without it we'd all still be each growing our own food and building our own houses and making our own clothing. Nobody would have time to even speculate about space travel... or much of anything else for that matter. Money allows to concentrate on issues other than our own survival.

If we can't colonize even our nearest planets and satellites, there's no way we will ever be able to survive outside our solar system. That's an even larger hurdle to overcome.

And even if you were able to get the entire planet to put aside all it's differences tomorrow and concentrate every ounce of energy into creating this technology and populating the galaxy, it would still take a long time. There are an insane amount of purely logistical problems to overcome... let alone the theoretical ones. It's just not going to happen any time soon.

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