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The Army is dangerous business. War is not fun. It takes more than killing them to stop this kind of enemy.

In fact, I'm in the belief that killing and refusing to acknowledge some of our mistakes is keeping them going. These are fanatics we're dealing with, Not Nazi's or the Japanese or the British or an invading nation bent on some sort of global reorganization into a single perfect human species. This is ideological, a war of intellect. Our way, our religion and lifestyle versus theres.

There's nothing that will stop them. Killing them makes them martyers against the West. Appeasing them will embolden them. Bowing to them will make us seem weak, and furthur embolden them to get new followers.

Joining up and enlisting is noble, I have no doubt. To train and proliferate the art of war is a hard life, a hard business, for this, I have the respect for our soldiers aboard and at home. But to fight this war takes more than bullets 15, it takes something that probably nobody has thought about as a legitimate tactic.

Leave them alone.

Remember 15, you will be engaging them in thier home, in thier territory, among them. They have been invaded and oppresed by western powers as far back as the Crusades. This is just an extension of that Crusade.

So why continue fighting? For revenge? Revenge begets revenge. For the safety of the nation? We're opening up our guns and weapons on people who have the mentality that any attack should be responded to in kind. For glory? Wars do not make one great. For stability? Nothing is far less stable than a combat zone. For your future? You put more on the line out there than here.

I'm not saying don't go, I'm trying to get you to think this through, my friend. Why go? Why fight? It is worth it? Will all your efforts and sacrafice be for nothing?

This war, this war on terror, on Islamic fanaticism is not a war to be won by force, but by ideals. It is a fight unending. I cannot change the way people think, like I can't change the colour of the sky, the position of the stars, or who I am. By fighting, do you think we will change thier mind and make them submit? Honestly, can you change the way your parents think? The way your siblings, or friends think?

You can't. And we can't change what these people think of us unless we take a stand and tell our leaders we don't want to continue the bloodshed. I'm no pacifist, but I can see we're losing this war.

Because for every terrorist we capture, for every fighter we kill, for every time we make one gain, they set us back two. They are so ingrained with that fanatical ideal, that there may be nothing to be done, and we've lost before we've even tried.

This war, 15, the war you want to fight. It's not there. This is not a war for freedom, for the safety of the free world, for democracy, for peace. This is a war of ideals, and ideals, beliefs, you cannot change.

Well, you can. But it results in genocide.

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