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good points, cracken. I also don't think we can change their minds about anything. So why fight them? If we don't continue to fight them and push them, they win and if we give in, we won't just lose Iraq, we will lose our freedom. I'm still deciding though, maybe i'll end up in the air force like my friend. only thing about that, it's more difficult to get the job you want.

ok recap of what i did yesterday..

Got up, washed dishes and went to get drinks picked up milk, orange juice, nesquick, and water...trying to give up soda. Got home and made a turkey sandwhich, then had my landlord come up to take a look at the radiators, as they were leaking...sink is also leaking....he accidentally tightened the nut on the radiator in the kitchen too much and gonna need to replace the nut on for the radiator in the bathroom, we thought we fixed that one, but guess it created a leak somewhere else as his wife's side of the bed got soaked with water. So we're like wtf.....and can't find anyplace it could be leaking from. The sink is gonna need a different kind of washer as that is still leaking. I can't shower today as it might spring a leak...took one last night and afterwards is when i got the phone call about a leak. so that sucks...

I played a bit of galaxies as well last night, i'm trying to start a guild with my alt that will be at guild war with my main's guild....sick of mass pvp (way too much lag) in restuss and want to get battle events set up for guild war....

"Without strife, the victory has no meaning. Without strife, one does not advance. Without strife, there is only stagnation."
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