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Originally Posted by Miltiades
Okay thanks. The NPC follows me correctly now, btw. One other question though:

If I want more than one NPC to follow me, I need to "substitute OBJECT_SELF with an object reference to that character instead.", like you said before. I don't know how to do that, could you explain? Or is it possible for them to follow te PC if they're involved in the conversation?
If they both have those scripts set on their AI events, and have their faction set to Friendly_1 (or any that makes them hostile to enemies and enemies hostile to them), you could enable them all to follow in the same dialog action script if you know their tags, like

void main() {
    SetLocalBoolean(GetObjectByTag("Follower1"), 60, TRUE);
    SetLocalBoolean(GetObjectByTag("Follower2"), 60, TRUE);
...where you set Follower1 and Follower2 to the respective tags of your NPCs.
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