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Originally Posted by edlib
Money is simply a reality in our world. There's no way around it. Without it we'd all still be each growing our own food and building our own houses and making our own clothing. Nobody would have time to even speculate about space travel... or much of anything else for that matter. Money allows to concentrate on issues other than our own survival.
There is always away around problems, such as money.
It's end will come one day.
Originally Posted by edlib
If we can't colonize even our nearest planets and satellites, there's no way we will ever be able to survive outside our solar system. That's an even larger hurdle to overcome.
And even if you were able to get the entire planet to put aside all it's differences tomorrow and concentrate every ounce of energy into creating this technology and populating the galaxy, it would still take a long time. There are an insane amount of purely logistical problems to overcome... let alone the theoretical ones. It's just not going to happen any time soon.
Well, I'm not in that opinion as you are, there is no "just not going to happen any time soon".
It's more like our society is unwilling to overcome the problems, because it's too hard or they believe it to be too hard.
I'm new to the physics of this Hyperdrive propulsion mechanism, but the scientists who are working on Heim's theory, says that the problems to overcome is not that difficult, of course if the physics pans out.
Warpdrive propulsion depends on warping the fabric of spacetime itself by creating a pulse distortion wave from initial point to destination point,the spaceship will be pushed away from the Earth and pulled towards a
distant star by spacetime itself.
The energy requirements depends on the curvature of(rate of change of spacetime geometry) spacetime metric, the metric is the shortest distance between two points in this curve spacetime.
So, it depends on the shape of the pulse destortion wave; warpdrive works by expanding spactime in front of a spaceship and contraction of spacetime behind the spaceship proportionaly to negate relativistic time dilation effects, cause by motion through spacetime; this leads to no or little motion through the spacetime in the center of the pulse, or warp bubble.
A spaceship basically ride a wave, and don't move itself.
The energy needed to achieve this feat need to have
negative energy density: energy density is pressure, energy/volume , the properties of this energy : make a apple fall up in a gravitational field.
This energy is needed to overcome the curvature of intermediate background spacetime; curvature cause by Earth's gravitational field and it's complex interaction with the Sun and all the matter in the solar system, that will have complex effects on a spaceship at warp. The density of matter in the intermediate space between initial point and the destination point, that will either slow the warp velocity or increase it depending on the energy density setting in the pulse and the dampening factor cause by interaction of low or high curvature regions cause by low or high mass densities per unit volume of the matter, respectively.
To achieve the warp velocity at about v>>c velocities like 10000 c, with a warp bubble radius of 1000 meters, warp shell thickness of 1E-6 meters and a ship size of about 100 meters I have calculated the negative energy requirements to be some -3.1288E+3*Me approx. where Me is mass of Earth or E=Me*c^2 , E=-1.6813E+45 J approx., where J is Joules.
But Hyperdrive travel only require power ratings for magnetic fields of some 50-60 T in ranges around 10s kW for 1000kg mass spaceship & 1-10 MW for 100,000 kg ranges for a spaceship.
So, I will say if the theory is right we will achieve interstellar travel much sooner than you realize, edlib.

Joule: A SI unit of work or energy; the work done by a force of one Newton acting over a distance of one meter.

Earth mass: 5.979e24 kg approx.

Newton:A unit of force equal to the force that imparts an acceleration of 1 m/sec/sec to a mass of 1 kilogram.

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