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Originally Posted by Miltiades
The NPCs have managed to fight a little while longer, but still stop at some point during the attack. Weird. But maybe that was because this time, I wasn't fighting. I thought that because the NPCs began fighting without the PC fighting, it didn't matter anymore.
That's probably/hopefully the reason, since that's how it was intended to work. If the player no longer fights the NPCs would stop as well. For example if the player decides to run away the NPCs shouldn't stay behind and fight.

If you want them to continue fighting even if the player stops the script conditionals in the OnCombatRoundEnd script have to be updated something like this: Find the GetIsInCombat() line you just edited, and change it from....

&& GetIsInCombat(oPC, FALSE)

&& (GetIsInCombat(oPC, FALSE) || GetIsInCombat(OBJECT_SELF))

This should hopefully make them keep fighting if the player is fighting, or they are fighting.
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