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so K./cracken you think it was a good idea for me to be in the navy right now?

i mean sure i havent gone over to that area yet thus far, but its inevitable that i will. its going to happen. nothing i can do about it with out embarrassing myself in the process and screw my life over it

me personally i dont want to see any of my friends of family going over there. my OWN BROTHER came back from there after being there for 18 months in one piece, but theres still having to deal with coming back with the same mind from oncce he left with.

same with a buddy of mine that i've known since kindergarden, i went into the navy a couple of months he joined the marines. he did he time in the marines, and came back. and he's incredibly not the same. tho im glad he's doing well now.

15, if i were you i'd join the navy too. not to try and push anything, but the air force is prolly looking like the next one in the chopping block for troops in iraw due to the recruitment rate drop offs with the marines and the army.
dont go over there, at least in the navy you will have less chance to get killed (or at least it seems)

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