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Originally Posted by Master_Archon
Shuji exited the building swiftly, and melded himself into the crowd. He kept walking, not too sure where he was going, he felt as though his empathy were pulling him somewhere, so he followed.

After several minutes of walking, Shuji was joined by a tall woman who appeared to be in her mid-twenties. Without really giving him the chance to examine her, she nudged him lightly to one side and then through a doorway. A faint glimmer of light touched her violet eyes before the door closed, sealing them in complete blackness. For what seemed like at least a minute, there was no noise whatsoever.

"Hello, Shuji!" a voice suddenly said cheerfully. It was exactly the voice used by the 'ditz', Merideth Haver. Then, the airy voice deepened slightly and took on a far less playful tone. "You wanted to meet Katya. Now, you are."

The lights came on, revealing the woman who had nudged him aside in the street. In all respects, she looked human, but to anyone with a trained eye, there was a distinctly 'un-human' light in her eyes, something suggesting that she was far older than the twenty-five years she claimed.

"I am Katya," she said. "And as I'm sure you have already deduced, I am also Merideth Haver." She seemed just faintly amused. "To do business anonymously, I rely on various disguises of body and speech."

Fixing her cool violet eyes on his eyes, she went on, "Few people have ever seen me. Many who have no longer live." She angled her head to one side and smiled faintly. "But you interest me. I expect you to live on, quite healthy for many more years to come and you can expect no interference on that lifespan from me."

Withdrawing to a set of two chairs on the other side of the room, she sat and gestured for Shuji to do the same. "In the Chancellor's office, you mentioned a job with which you could use my help."
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