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Originally Posted by Master_Archon
The whole ordeal with being nudged into a room with a strange woman was a bit of a shock to Shuji, though he calmed immediately when the woman did nudge him, because he caught insightful glimpses due to his empathy.

At the end of the statements from Katya, Shuji sat down in the second chair. He pondered her comments for awhile, then he spoke up in his dry, menacing voice.

"How are you so certain I will live a long life? I sense the future holds perils, and as the future ever changes, I feel the faint premonisions of death. How are you so sure I'll live to see peace in my life once again?" He asked.
Again, the trace of a smile. "There is much more to me than meets the eye," she said. Recalling his empathy, she added, "Or the touch."

Originally Posted by Master_Archon
"As for the business I spoke of, well, I will not reveal that immediately. I first want to know your skills, your capabilities, your exploits, so I know that I am paying for the right person," Shuji stated.

Shuji recalled one more thing Katya stated, responding to it as well. "Why is it that I interest you so much, dear Katya? Is it because I am neither Jedi nor Sith, yet I have been both? Or is it because you think I'm good looking?" Shuji quiped, he was one to inwardly entertain himself when it came to conversing with others, no matter how serious the conversation.

Katya laughed. "You interest me for many reasons and you have only named a few," she said. "Your neutrality is notable, as is your apparent control of both sides." With a playful wink, she added, "And yes, you are somewhat attractive... I've bet better, I've met worse."

Raising an eyebrow, she went on more seriously, "However you interest me also because you call on someone like me to do a job for you."

Leaning forward, she finished, "But you interest me further because you're still a puzzle to me..." Leaning back, she smirked and said, "but I'll let you use your imagination to decide what I mean by that."
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