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This vote was tough.

Rebellion Era (Ep4 - Ep6) - I have allways enjoyed this era in novelization. I am such a Zhan fanatic. Plus, I believe he is the only one who can write for Jade, Fett, etc... I haven't found too many other writers who can capture these characters in true form.

Knights of the Old Republic (KOTOR Games & Novels) - I would like to see a Revan and/or Bastila novel. Even though the comicbook is out there, I don't think it can capture in detail the world of KotOR.

NJO Era (between Ep6 and start of LOTF novels) - NJO is probally the worse series ever.

Prequel Era (between Ep1 to Ep3, Clone Wars) - Grrr... I personally want the prequels to dissapear.

Dark Times (between Ep3 and Ep4) - If it has nothing to do with the prequels, and if there is no mention of prequel events, I would be interested in this time period.

Just my thoughts.

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