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A commander under the service of Darth Ba'al greated him on his bridge. "Lord Ba'al, we've located what was ment to be a hidden training facillity near this location."
"How well defended is it?" Asked Ba'al, thinking that this could be a good opertunity to send a message.
"They have few defence platforms, nothing the Osiris can't handle" Replid the commander.
Ba'al smiled "Very well, set course and enter hyperspace. Once that is done I want you to supervise the preperation of the nuke."

Several hours later

The Osiris exitted hyperspace above the planet. Although the weapons platforms opened fire on the Osiris, it didn't stand much of it chance. The platforms were tore to shreds by the power of the Osiris's main guns.

Once the Osiris was in the moon's orbit, it waited until it was directly above before sending down an escape pod, however instead of people being in that pod, Ba'al had loaded one of his nukes inside it. Once the pod hit the group, the nuke automatically went off, the blast roared across the planet's surface. Half the planet's surface had been destroyed in the blast, if this wasn't to send a message to the Exile, Ba'al didn't know what would.

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