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2 Years Earlier...

Join us! Your hunger is the same as our own now!

Reclaimer, do not do this! You will seriously weaken the ability to contain a flood outbreak should one occur on the other installations!

Pained that Shadow never thought possible wreaked through Shadows body as he absorbed blaster bolts, projectile weapons rounds, plasma bolts, Sentinel containment beams, and shrapnel. Despite all of this, he and his body simply refused to die, his now freakish body being strained to its limits in a battle that he had no chance of winning, nor did he want to win. Things weren't helped by the fact that the battlefield in his mind was in an even worse condition, under the bombardment of the two other permanent inhabitants.

He swung the mighty hammer he now wielded, its head crashing into the line of enemies and if not crushing them, knocking them over the edge. It was good that the pad was narrow, meaning he could catch his enemies in a crossfire, since they were fighting each other as well. It also limited the number he had to face at once. Well, actually the Sentinels could fly, so they were firing from the air, looking to neatly dissect him with their beams.

Shadow stood close to the Nova bomb, swatting away anything that got close with his hammer. He received a short burst transmission to his Sentinel parts, letting him know that the fleet was leaving. He silently mourned that he would not be able to even be able to say good-bye to his friends, his troops, and for failing to be able to help them, but his duty was clear now. He threw his last thermal detonator to make some breathing room, and then turned around to flip the switch when hit him strongly in the back and then exit his chest. He looked down, at his chest to see a large hole. He had failed. He had failed to flip a switch. As he fell forward, he thought, I failed. I failed them all. I got this far, and now I failed. I can't fail. They need me to do this. I need to do this. I. will. not. fail!, He threw his hand forward in a final surge of strength, the only strength he had left, and amazingly caught the switch, pulling it down with him as he went down.

NNNNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, the two minds strangled screams came at full blast, but were of no use.

The blast from the Nova not only encompassed the ring, which was about the size of Coruscant, but also encompassed half of the gas giant is orbited, causing an explosion on a much large scale, leaving nothing behind but space dust. What was left of the Confederate Fleet was also disintegrated. Shadow Gravemind, a Jedi General and Master of the Republic Empire was now dead.

((I saw your note, so I'm not bringing him back yet))

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