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Someone with a lot of controversy. Canderous was sort of this, but I'm talking like someone who is tainted within the republic. Before you start bunching up your collective panties and flarimg me, consider that a controversial character could make for an interesting storyline? (couldn't hurt)

For example, a freedom fighter who has been put to the wayside because some of his (or her--but I can't imagine her being very attractive--unless she were like chun li from street fighter, but that would kind of ruin the point of the character) action that came under scrutiny. Accusations of corruption and racism or something.

The point being you have a renegade on your team, and like him or her, you are both on the 'outside', yet it seems like nobody on the 'inside' has the resolve to fix the current catastrophe. Ad perhaps a faction from within (though not at the top) has made it that way--perhaps indirectly but eventually responsible for your troubles?

The character--sort of like someone who has a past of KKK who eventually saw through it and changed; regardless, someone will dig up dirt and hyperbolize it in the media. This person now can't do anything right in the eyes of the public unless it were something stupendously huge. And it in turn contradicts the very heart ofthe negative view that the majority seems to have.

Canderous was sort of like this--now perhaps the character is one who was once part of the republic but too tainted in the republics eyes to be effective in a political sense withjin the republic--though is like canderous in most respects. Someone you could play good cop-bad cop with while you interrogate somebody.

Maybe a bit like how Finis Valorum was brought down, from power. (and eventually assasinated --all culminated by palpatine) If you read the SW republic #63.

Except the scourge who plagues him--who you will eventually kill-- is instead not at the top, but around. Black market ish on the other side of things. Your renegade knew about this but could not bring the faction down--though you could.

Could be a district attourney of a lawyer's guild. Lawyers are just as bad as politicians. Anybody ever read the (I think) john grisham series?

The street lawyer, for example? One Lawyer sees the richy-rich lawyers for what they really are or have become. And decides to start his own firm in a ghetto. He is scruitnized for it.

THERE'S a set of good reads for ya!

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