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The Lord of the Rings: Quest for the Nr Ondo

The barrack within the walls of Rivendell was full of Elven soldiers sitting eating their meals and Laughing at the stories they were telling each other. All looked similar to each other wearing their uniform armour with the exception of one lone Dwarf sitting amongst the Elves.

And I slammed my hammer down on to its head for a seventh time. That was the end of that particular Troll. HAHA. Cygon the dwarf told as the elves broke out into laughter.

From Behind The dwarf a door opened and another Elf walked into the room all the inhabitants of the room turned to look at him.

Ah, Tow, Come join us. The Dwarf said with a smile.

I can not do so as we are late for a meeting with the Lord Elrond. Towe Replied

Ah is that today. Cygon Asked.

Yes, Come Cygon. He Replied.

The dwarf stood up and the two of them left the room and walked to the Terrace where the meeting would be held.
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