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Originally Posted by ET Warrior
I don't think you have correctly pointed out anything in regards to my argument.

You have glossed over the part where the comparison is intended to make people think about WHY it is that we not only care HOW people are having sex, we also seem to care about why it is that they're having sex that way. Of course my little post on this corner of the internet isn't going to make any sweeping social changes, but I still think it's an important point to make.

You also ignored the point that the comparison isn't there to say that currently the two items (homosexuality vs. tomato hate) are on the same level of public interest, so much as to say that the two items SHOULD be on the same level of public interest. You may not have noticed, but I prefaced the entire statement with "The thing I find interesting [...]"
You were trying to trivialize the "preoccupation with sex" by comparing orientation to tomatoes. I merely pointed out that that's in effect what you were doing. You view things through a much more liberal lens than most of the population on this issue. Your unwillingness to think or feel that the issue matters reflects your more hedonistic or libertine outlook on matters of sex. I didn't gloss over anything. I also believe you must have missed the part where I said it didn't matter how you FEEL about the issue. But frankly, the comparison is there not ONLY to suggest equivalency between the two but also to suggest that that is the solution people SHOULD arrive at anyway. Besides, it's obvious that that is what you think and feel. O'course, that's merely one man's opinion....
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