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((O.k I'm going to skip us to Pisces and Reydovan... Also the main problem is the lack of any action so i'll put us in positions so we'll end up in a fight or somthing Within a few posts. Sorry about the mild Char control.))

Then piranha and Apex ship appeared from the brake gate not too far away fromthe Planet known as Pisces. The Planet was an icy world that was owned by the Gemini mining corporation. The Planet's only valuable resource was a mineral that could be refined into a very heat resistant metal. The only two settlements on the world was the mining colony and a small Galactic Enforcers bace put their to protect the miners.

"G.E Bace on Pisces this is Piranha Ares-Xi-One-Gamma-Beta. We have arrived with the rest of he task force please confim." Jamie informed through the comm system.

"Confirmed Piranha." A feminine voice replied. "Be advised thatwe have been experianceing some pirate trouble recently."

"Roger that, We'll watch our back's." She replied switching the comms to the Apex ship. "TG7, Weare Clear, Shall we proceed to the co'ords that The Pharizians gave us?"


Hercules approached one of the Docking airlocks on Reydovan Station. The task force had arranged to meet the stations security to obtain it's sensor logs in hope they sould discover where the Black Hand Ships had gone after the Tracking signal was lost.

Jennifer Nelson Stood with the rest of the Task Force at the Hercules airlock. TheShip lightly shuddered as the Docking Arm gripped on to the Stations outter airlock. After a minuet the Airlock doors opened and Three Security Guard stood at the other end.

"Welcome to Reydovan." One of the Men greeted.
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