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X-wing Collectors Series / B-Wing Historical Mission 3 / Capture Firgate Priam

Hello there,

After years I managed to get X-Wing working again under WinXP und now as I was going through the Historical Missions I am stuck in this "Capture Frigate Priam" B-Wing Version.

I can't really help myself. Is there anyone how could gimme a hint on how to disable this Frigate?

I've been going through diverse Walkthroughs and Mission Books, but wehter I fire all 12 torpedos in the first place or later on after clearing out all mines and TIEs ... this Frigate does not seem to take a slight damage. And after 12:00 minutes of passing and shooting all I have on Laser and IONs from 1.6 to 0.8 dist ... I abandoned this mission leaving to hyperspace.

I'm afraid to ask, but .. is this some kind of bug or just a missing hint on how to disable this enemy?

I do hope, someone's out there with assistance,
thanks in advance

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