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Tips for dueling tough NPCs

I used to have trouble dueling tough NPCs (without force powers), but I've been studying and testing how the Single Player saber system works, it's actually kind of cool when you learn it.

And I've come up with some tips based on a Jedi-Jedi Knight difficulty experience.

Parrying is the core of saber duels in SP, you either block succesfully, attack succesfully, or get parried.

In order to increase your chances of blocking a swing, switch to fast stance or use duals or staff, duals has all around good defense while staff constantly blocks attack repeatedly and fast has good defense.

Then, in order to block complicated swings, always move your saber right infront of your opponets swing, like, if a swing is coming at me from the left I'd turn my character to the left so my saber is directly infront of my opponets saber, then my guy will block, and if I'm lucky, he'll parry the other guy and then I can swing and take down my opponet.

Now about parrying, being able to force someones saber away with a swing is tied in with your saber offense, and being able to parry/force someones saber away by blocking them depends on your saber defense.

Being parried offensively depends soley on the force of your swing, like, if desann hits my saber without hitting me, I will be slowbounced.

However, if I swing at my opponet with fast stance, chances are I might be defensively parried.

If you ever get parried by a boss like Alora roll away immediately, because you won't be able to take her next hit.

And if you want to try and parry someone defensively, use the tip about succesfully blocking swings, and then make sure your only in range enough that your saber can be hit, and then, usually you'll parry and that will break your opponets guard for a special.

Always go for headshots in duels, and never hesitate to do a saber twirl and do the fast style kata, they win duels very quickly and if the enemy tries to block it they will almost always be parried (even against bosses).

In Single Player specials are much more deadly, they usually parry and guard crush, the medium over head swing is very useful for flipping over your opponet and getting headshots, as the blue lunge is a superb finishing move.
And the red kata is unstoppable in close quarters.

Another thing thing I always had trouble with was resisting force pushes, but I learned that if your pushed while your are standing still and not moving your character will be able to always resist one push at a time.

Is this a good guide to saber dueling in Single Player? I worked kind of hard on it.

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