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Here's more:

Swing blocking, when you swing, and your opponet swings, and they clash. Usually one person is parried, and the other has a chance to attack. How it works is whichever blade has more force put behind it parries the other. In order to make sure your the one who is parrying, swing first, and try to interupt the NPC's swing just as he starts it.

If your swing spamming, usually, you'll get parried. Alora very good at swing parrying you if your spamming on her.

There are several ways to put more force behind a swing of yours, like I said, a swing that is stronger is more...complete. It has a larger ARC (your swing is the strongest when your arms are fully out stretched) and it can't be easily blocked.

Certain saber swings might be more powerful than others (not sure about this), as in an upper cut swing might be more powerful than a horizontal swing. Do unusual combos and swings, don't do 3 horizontals in a row, mix it up, but make sure you know what your doing, and don't be afraid to spin sometimes, a spin swing is more powerful and can parry well offensively.

And sometimes, use the auto-combo. Yes that's right, it's when your close to an opponet just holding down attack will make your guy swing.

The auto-combo is very useful, because your not controlling it, the game itself is. One time I did a diagonal on Alora, she blocked, and I stood still and held attack, and the game calculated it perfectly and did a spin move and I vanquished her in one hit.

One last thing, one of the hardest moves for you or any NPC to block is a waist swing. Aim your crosshair at an NPC's waist or saber hilt and swing (works best with fast style) and you'll hit them most likely.

And also, walk, if you walk, your guard is still up.

All you have to do to block waist swings is crouch.

Something I found for JK2 strategy:
Lightsaber Blocking
- You can block an opponents lightsaber attack only when you are in the ready position or defensive position. If your attack is weak and your opponent is strong, a parry is possible. The defender knocks down your lightsaber and it will take a while to recover.

Your auto-blocking is in vain! Only SP source code modification can allow you to block my desann-style attacks without being staggered now!
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