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It is in the HardPoints.xml. Note there are total four of those Lasers to be modified to whatever you want on that hardpoint for weapons and firing characteristics. Also the recharge rate can be a random number from a given minimum to maximum.

If you look up the Projectile.xml listed "Proj_Ship_Medium_Laser_Cannon_Green", you can change the damage also.

The random nature of the recharge rate can be applied to other ships that have a fixed recharge rate, to add some random lucky shots into the mix.

The delay between the number of shots (5) is the Pulse delay value (0.2) seconds. The total time before the next volley is from 2 to 3 seconds (related to amount of energy left maybe or just random).


<!-- Hard points for the Tartan Cruiser -->

<HardPoint Name="HP_Tartan_Cruiser_00">

<Damage_Type> Damage_Tartan_Cruiser </Damage_Type>
<Fire_Projectile_Type>Proj_Ship_Medium_Laser_Canno n_Green</Fire_Projectile_Type>

<Fire_Inaccuracy_Distance> Fighter, 5.8 </Fire_Inaccuracy_Distance>
<Fire_Inaccuracy_Distance> Bomber, 5.3 </Fire_Inaccuracy_Distance>
<Fire_Inaccuracy_Distance> Transport, 1.0 </Fire_Inaccuracy_Distance>
<Fire_Inaccuracy_Distance> Corvette, 10.0 </Fire_Inaccuracy_Distance>
<Fire_Inaccuracy_Distance> Frigate, 70.0 </Fire_Inaccuracy_Distance>
<Fire_Inaccuracy_Distance> Capital, 30.0 </Fire_Inaccuracy_Distance>
<Fire_Inaccuracy_Distance> Super, 30.0 </Fire_Inaccuracy_Distance>

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