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A lone walker crossed the Fords of Bruinen, hardly seeming to care that her feet were getting wet. This was Naerdiel, the 'traveler', the 'lady of sorrows'. As she reached the Rivendell side, Naerdiel casually knelt and removed her boots and socks and resumed her walk into the city. Not far from the water, she was met by two other Elves.

"Mae govannen, Naerdiel," one of them said softly. "You have been away for a long time."

Naerdiel nodded, but said nothing, first examining the two who greeted her. Then, she nodded. "I have been away for some time," she agreed. "I return now, for I have been called."

"Where did your journeys take you this time?" the second Elf wondered. This elicited a brief smile from the wanderer.

"Always so curious you are," she told him, sounding rather as if she were scolding. "I have been a great many places. Most of them are not noteworthy in the least. Nothing to concern yourself with."

She placed her right hand on the first Elf's shoulder and her left hand on the shoulder of the second Elf. "Inform Lord Elrond I have arrived."

"He is aware," the second Elf said. "It is why we are here. He has requested you change and attend a meeting."

Naerdiel's eyes flickered with an indeterminate emotion. "When?"

"As soon as you are ready."

Nodding, the wandering Elf turned and made her way to the little room Elrond had promised would always be available to her. There, she stripped out of her armor and washed. Then, she slipped into one of her silvery-gray dresses and left the room. The cool stone floor was a little soothing to her bare feet, sore from the service of walking and running many miles to arrive as quickly as she could.

As she walked slowly toward the place where the meeting was to be, she began to sing softly to herself in Elvish. It was a song of sorrow, but her voice and her expression betrayed no emotion at all.
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