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A tie between Dark Times, Legacy times(the comic era not novel) and pre/post kotor series.

Sorry but I really hate people to define how the REAL Revan/Exile/etc is, it is enough that we know Revan is a canon LS(male to be exact) and Exile is LS(female, which is unfortunate since Ebon Hawk is now contaminated with the appearance of a disgusting stalker perv jedi-fetish desciple) PLEASE no more detail definition. Pre k1 era would be nice, especially when it comes to the rise of Revan. Post kotor era would be coming in the form of kotor3, well, eventually. According to the most recent LA report it will probably be named along the lines of Jnights of the Old Republic: Return/Revenge of the Gizka Empire.

Dark times would be a nice stage for small time stories, but please no grand story about super jedis and the 17283423 jedi Master survivors. But ti would be nice to see things like padawans living a new non-jedi life help people in other ways with their skills rather than force spamming and glowstick swinging, and things like that.

The Legacy series in the comic is cool, New pace new characters! Its Star Wars without being Confined by Star Wars.

The Legacy Era in the books can only be so fun... and I wish they would stop it after the Jacen incident, and probably finish it soon(in terms os Star War Years) I mean, maybe some people enjoy seeing Jade going thru her metapause and Han being slow with his gun anf Lukc can't get up and artoo in monster garage and fast with "other" things and Leia wrinkled up like a yoda and Lando shaking it up as Alzimer... I am perfectly fine remembering them as Legend from the eyes of people some generations later. Yes, Grandpa Bobba sneaking out of the Old People's Home doing his Parttime Bounty Hunting in his Wheelchair and Driving his Rusty Slave I SLOWLY aling the highway... NO THANKS.
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