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Originally Posted by Dagobahn Eagle

(edit: from "QFD" to "QED")
You know Dagobahn if people keep having that kind pessimistic belief, like you do about any kind of breakthrough technology, many coming future generations(as you see it) would die without seeing this possible hyperdrive technology realize.
People in our society need to stop being lazy, close-minded and uninspired about science fiction technologies like a highly possible Star Wars hyperdrive engine technology as Heim's Quantum Gravity theory suggestes.
All science fiction will become science one day, if you don't believe it then you will be left in the dust of close-minded thinking like those doubters and uninspired skeptics in the past, with their flawed thinking of our present day technology we have right now.
The path from sci-fi to science is just left to the so called "geniuses" of our species to make it happen.

But, if the theory leaves one's ass out then it just not possible in this universe apparently to travel in this universe in a reasonable time scale.
But if one accepts that belief then one should accept that damn Bible literally and accept the possibility that all those stars and galaxies we observe to the measured 13 billion light-years observation range, is just all decoration for us to imagine to our brains melt away into oblivion.

But I'm not the one that will lose my optimism early until or if the theory proves be another ass out endeavor for our species, toward interstellar travel

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