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Nobody's saying to not investigate this guy's theories... just not to count on this to be a quick process.

Even if all his theories are eventually proven to be true (a process, if you do it correctly, that could take years or even decades in itself...) building workable prototypes, testing, then scaling them up to human size, and going through the logistics of planning missions, training, and preparing for them is not a fast process.

Even if there was a massive public interest in this technology, it still wouldn't be instantaneous.

How does one navigate in hyperspace? Do we even understand what hyperspace actually is... other than in theoretical mathematical models, that is?
Little problems like that will need to be overcome before you can safely propel humans.

You want to keep an open mind... but not so open that your brains fall out!

There are always realistic considerations with any new theory and technology. Just because the possibility exists doesn't mean that everyone is going to jump on it immediately with you.

The necessity of this tech is going to be a hard sell, even if it looks like it's going to pan out, as you can no doubt tell just by the responses in this thread alone.

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