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You know Dagobahn if people keep having that kind pessimistic belief, like you do about any kind of breakthrough technology, many coming future generations(as you see it) would die without seeing this possible hyperdrive technology realize.
And if we prioritize this Star Wars utopia of yours, generations will die not only without seeing an end to the conditions in developing countries, but because of the conditions therein.

Prioritizing a White Elephant space project while millions suffer is simply incredibly selfish. We have the more than enough resources to make the world a better place for others than ourselves, and we are to spend it on re-enacting Star Wars just because it'd be cool to do so?

The awesome PlayStation 3 for yourself or the life-saving antibiotics for your sick cousin. Rich man's dilemma. Plain and simple.

If you want space explored, let the private sector handle it so our tax dollars aren't wasted. I love space exploration, too, but come on, isn't our well-being higher on the priority list?

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