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Originally Posted by windu6
You know Dagobahn if people keep having that kind pessimistic belief, like you do about any kind of breakthrough technology, many coming future generations(as you see it) would die without seeing this possible hyperdrive technology realize.
Simply inventing a "hyperdrive" is not going to enable humanity to colonize the universe. Let's say that someone does, in fact, invent a engine that can send a decently-sized vessel into nearby solar systems fairly instantaneously. This, alone, won't mean much unless we're able to also accomplish the following:
  • A pressurized suit that can handle the rigors of an atmosphere without puncturing for prolonged periods of time.
  • Botanical farms that can host plants and provide nutrients solely by those stored in the said planet.
  • Proper equipment to mine and process said nutrients.
  • A cost-effective shuttle that can safely enter and exit an atmosphere using only the fuel it has stored while having enough protection to not light on fire or disintegrate.
  • Be able to produce durable buildings that can withstand the rigors of an environment that most likely will be filled with noxious fumes or turbulent climates.

And that's just the beginning.

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