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Originally Posted by Dagobahn Eagle
And if we prioritize this Star Wars utopia of yours, generations will die not only without seeing an end to the conditions in developing countries, but because of the conditions therein.
Why it got to be a utopia all of a sudden, I see there is no use trying to interest a doubter of scientific progress.
When is you going to get this in your head man, there will be no end to the horriable conditions in developing countries, one the rich countries don't give a damn about developing countries, because they are poor countries that don't have enough paper to ensure the continue interest of sucessful prospering countries.
Povery won't end completely here on this rock, if you keep believing that it will then you are living in a utopia.
Africa for one example, racism, racism and racism; genocide will continue there like it is currently happening now; the UN is a organization of failure and of pitiful cowards, they let the genocide in Rwanda happen without lifting a damn finger; AIDS will continue to kill Africans because of money and the scum of racism, racism that is still present in our own species.
Originally Posted by Dagobahn Eagle
Prioritizing a White Elephant space project while millions suffer is simply incredibly selfish. We have the more than enough resources to make the world a better place for others than ourselves, and we are to spend it on re-enacting Star Wars just because it'd be cool to do so?
Make the world better! We are destroying the environment, because of the idiots of the oil companies and the worry about the effect on the economy if we liquidate oil companies.
If we don't have a environment, money won't keep us living, we will perish as a species on this rock if money and the economy keep being more of a priority then the safety of our own environment of Earth.
And who the hell said, make Star Wars happen because it is cool, I think now since becoming of aware of Heim's theory, that Geroge Lucas or whoever put the idea of hyperspace in Star Wars got it from Burkhard Heim's Quantum Gravity theory, since it has been known to the public since 1957.
And of course, I think Star Wars is cool I'm a fan and this is a Star Wars forum isn't it?
Oh, I get it since I talk about Star Wars technology this must be fantasy,
oh damn, I thought this was a Star Wars forum where I can discuss Star Wars technology with Star Wars fans, my bad, I should've known better.
Originally Posted by Dagobahn Eagle
The awesome PlayStation 3 for yourself or the life-saving antibiotics for your sick cousin. Rich man's dilemma. Plain and simple.
What the hell is you talking about?
Originally Posted by Dagobahn Eagle
If you want space explored, let the private sector handle it so our tax dollars aren't wasted. I love space exploration, too, but come on, isn't our well-being higher on the priority list?
Tax dollars wasted!
Money, money and more money is that all you think about.
Since you care about all these suffering people on this planet, money is the simple fact, why we have suffering people on this world, the world don't give a damn about the poor, if they can't scratch up enough paper to pay back the rich countries who they have ask the help from, then the hell with them, as the opinion of those rich countries would have.
If you are a developing country and you don't have enough paper, diamonds, gold, silver or any other precious commodity then you stay poor and developing.
I guess I will have to wait and see if or when a comet or asteroid threaten this planet, if the stranglehold of money on our species will determine if our species perish or prosper in this galaxy.
If this disaster happen and I have delayed death of it's prize, then I will have to put my head in between my legs and kiss my ass good bye, because I believe money will cause our species to perish in this galaxy.

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