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((Oops, a couple hours short of 'tomorrow'. Ah well, technicalities.))

*Abruptly, and all at the same time, each member of the group sees a bright white light, and they are no longer in the Shadow. In fact, they are not in any shadows at all. They are in a sparsely furnished living room, with a floor, ceiling and walls of green wood that seem to be alive.

Marin is half-morphed into the form of some indiscernable animal, sprawled awkwardly across the floor. Raschel takes a sharp breath; she had been suffocating inside the plant. K'Warra looks pale and half-dead, covered in lacerations.

Facing them is a blue-and-black beetle the size of a large dog. It jumps, and skitters out of the room.*

K'Warra: *looking at Marin* Dammit, I told you not to shapeshift. Don't you people ever listen?

*No one else says a word. Then a slight woman enters the room. She looks young - how young, hard to tell. Her hair is blonde, but spattered with the colors of the rainbow. Her eyes are mismatched in color; silver and blue. She appears to be wearing skin-tight pants and a large knapsack for a top.*

Woman: Hi. Oh dear, I have done this wrong haven't I?

*Her voice changes in cadence with no apparent reason, sounding shaky and awkward. As she speaks, she blinks her silver eye separately several times, until it turns black.*

Woman: I haven't done it in a long time. You look upset. I wasn't trying to do it wrong. Doom only just told me you were coming to visit. I don't think it meant anything by it. Am I sounding funny? I'm sorry. Really, I am. Do you want something to drink? I'm not sure it'll come out right, but I can certainly try. Do you want something to drink - oh, did I say that already? I think I did. Do you?

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