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Faster-than-light travel has been a staple of classic science-fiction for decades... long before Star Wars and Lucas came along.

I would look to the works of Asimov, Bradbury, Clarke, Dick, Hebert, Niven, et. al... that were the obvious inspirations of what eventually became Star Wars. I seriously doubt that Lucas did a whole lot of research into the actual mechanics and theories behind that type of travel. It was just a solution to an obvious story problem.

After all: If you are going to tell a space opera that makes any sense, you need the ability to get from planet-to-planet very quickly. Hence the need for hyperspace engines, warp factors, wormholes, etc... all roughly based on actual scientific theories.

I don't read more into it than that.

And the use of money, as well as all the socio-political institutions in place to control it, are just simply the obvious reality of life on the planet today. Any issue brought up has to be viewed in that context, since it's not likely to change any time soon. So instead of bitching about the unfairness of it all, try to find solutions that can work within those systems.

I doubt that most of us like it a whole lot better than you... but nobody has ever proposed anything better yet.

If hyperspace travel becomes a reality, do you think it's going to cure any of those pre-existing problems? No... it will only serve to exacerbate them; because only the very wealthiest and powerful will be allowed to travel and colonize other planets, and the Earth with become the Galaxy's ghetto... filled with the very poorest, who exist only to build and supply colony ships as the elite flee from the decay they have left in their wake.

Speaking of Sci-Fi visions: that's pretty much the vision presented in Blade Runner. That could just as easily become the reality as well... Human nature is unlikely to change just because we have the technology to travel the universe.

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