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Okay, this is all just getting silly.

Windu6, I don't know where you're getting all these "Mankind got lazy after going to the moon", "We have to go go go go right now, before my breakfast gets cold!", or "We should already be racing through hyperspace now, why are we still stuck here?!" stuff from...actually, check that, I do know. You've seen too many sci-fi movies and tv shows and you're impatient for them to become real.

It's embarrassing to still be earthbound? I mean, for who? Technology is moving at a snail's pace...? That's a good one. The internal combustion engine is little more than two hundred years old. The human species has had powered flight for little more than a century. The jet and rocket engines are barely sixty years old. Less than forty years ago, we took our first ever baby steps off of our planet to the moon. And let's not forget that we went to the moon largely just to discover if we could, not because there was ever any real tangible reason for humans to be there. Antibiotics, nuclear power, satellite networks, space stations in near earth orbit, home computers, DVDs...all of these things would be incomprehensible and wondrous seen through the eyes of someone from just 1907. You're not seeing huge quantum leaps of technological and societal development in the 20 some-odd years you've been around, and you're saying "C'mon c'mon c'mon!!! Faster faster faster!!! I wanna go to Alpha Centauri!!! Hurry u-u-u-up!!!" Calm down and be patient, dude.

The planets and stars are still going to be there in 50-100 years from now; we have to solve our earthly problems (yes, including racism, money, Nazis, and all your other favourite topics for incoherent, technicolour ranting) in order to make sure that we as a species are still around in 50-100 years' time. Yeah sure, a big meteorite could threaten to wipe us out if we don't move shop elsewhere, but as it stands right now, we're in a lot more danger of wiping ourselves out through war, famine, pestilence, global warming, voting Republican/Sinn Fein/DUP, etc etc etc than we are from spaceborne debris. Our history as a species is just the tiniest eye-blink in galactic or even geologic time scales. Charging out across the cosmos isn't going to solve our problems if we can't figure them out here on earth first; it'll just postpone the inevitable.

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