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A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away...

Star Wars
The Sera Tana Saga - Short Fan Fiction Part II: Zor Krel

ZOR KREL, a successful CHISTORI bounty hunter. Inside the DRUNK SIDE tavern on KORRIBAN, he drinks himself to death. He has nothing better to do, until he finds the perfect partner, who can help him accomplish his task.

KIRA NATASARE, a former JEDI KNIGHT. Now, an aspiring bounty hunter, she has heard of Zor’s troubles of finding a partner. Luckily for him, Kira wants to join Zor in his new task. However, she wants to lay down some rules, if Zor lets her join him…


What does a man have to do to find a good partner nowadays? Zor Krel, one of the galaxy’s most successful bounty hunters, sat inside the Drunk Side tavern. Normally, this would be one of his favourite times, drinking himself to death, until closing time. However, he had many things on his mind. What does a man have to do to find a good partner nowadays? Is there anyone worthwhile to work with? Is there any point trying to find a partner? Zor knew that many other bounty hunters would be after the same thing he was after. He doubted that anybody would work with him. They would betray him soon enough. Or maybe Zor would betray them. Either way, Zor was going soft. He knew however, that he would have to be soft. Having a partner was optional, but it would help Zor out. As his glass was refilled with more Tarisian Ale, Zor noticed a woman in the distance. She was walking towards Zor. He knew that, but he pretended to ignore her, sipping away at his drink. As soon as Zor finished his drink, he noticed the woman, standing patiently.

“Well hello,” Zor began, his one eye beginning to twitch, “And what can I do for you beautiful?”

The woman grabbed a nearby stool and sat down. She was opposite Zor. Zor observed her. She showed no emotion and she didn’t seem like the type of person you wouldn’t want to mess with.

“Zor Krel,” The woman began, “The most successful bounty hunter in the galaxy. I’ve heard of your little problem.”

Zor didn’t want his glass refilled, since he wanted to keep his head clear. It helped business, especially when it came to business like this.

“Have you now?” Zor asked, trying to keep as serious as possible, but even he recognised he was drunk, “Well then, why are you so interested in working with me?”

“Isn’t it obvious?” The woman asked, before answering Zor’s question, “This is my only possible opportunity to work with the greatest bounty hunter and I’m also interested in the task.”

Zor smiled. This was the perfect partner he had been looking for.

“I’m interested in our future together,” Zor told her, “However, what is your name?”

“Does it matter?” The woman asked, her eyebrow rising, “But since you are a person I idolise, I shall do as you wish. I’m Kira Natasare, aspiring bounty hunter.”

“Well, you already know my name,” Zor told her, standing up, ready to leave, “So, we should get going.”

Kira also stood up, ready to leave. She followed Zor out of the tavern, towards the nearby hangar.


“What a piece of junk!” Kira exclaimed, causing several people to look.

Zor felt embarrassed. His ship wasn’t a piece of junk. It had outrun many Sith fighters in the past and avoided the Exchange for as long as Zor could remember. His ship was nice as well. Zor had stolen it from a Sith ship and it was a shuttle. Inside, it contained two bunks and the cockpit. It wasn’t big, but to Zor, it was home.

“Listen beautiful, the Omen is a great ship,” Zor told her, “So get used to it, because we’ll be travelling on this beauty for a while.”

“Fine, since I’m assuming this has at least one bunk, I get the bottom bunk,” Kira told him, “After all I’m the guest. Oh and please don’t call me beautiful ever again, otherwise our time together will be very short indeed.”

Kira walked up the boarding ramp and Zor sighed. Something told him that he might not enjoy this after all.

“But I like the bottom bunk!” Zor shouted, as he ran up the boarding ramp after Kira.

The End
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