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Why it got to be a utopia all of a sudden [...]
Utopia? I never claimed it had to be an utopia, I claimed it has to be livable. Think about the conditions in your average middle class American neighborhood, then think about the women in Africa who have to walk for two miles just for a bucket of mucky, bacteria-infested water. I don't aim for the Rwandans of North Koreans to live in an utopia, I merely want them to live good lives, like the lives of us lucky Norsemen and Americans and Brits and South Koreans born with silver spoons up our anal openings.

And "all of a sudden"? I think humans have been dreaming of happiness for quite some time now.

[...] I see there is no use trying to interest a doubter of scientific progress.
On the contrary, I've already stated that I'm very interested in space technology. But not at the cost of the poverty-stricken in the world, the victims of crime, slavery and violence, and the millions bound to suffer from global warming.

When is you going to get this in your head man, there will be no end to the horriable conditions in developing countries [...]
Why not? We've ended horrible conditions in other countries. Look at how little was left of Germany and Japan after World War II and then consider how well they're doing today.

Povery won't end completely here on this rock, if you keep believing that it will then you are living in a utopia.
Again, I'm not aiming for abolition of poverty. I leave that to the more optimistic socialists.

What the hell is you talking about?
As I explained earlier, it's a metaphor depicting the choice we've got to make regarding space travel. Space travel is the new gaming console, solving our planet's problems is the antibiotics for your sick cousin. We've got two options: The cool and the necessary.

Tax dollars wasted!
Money, money and more money is that all you think about.
I don't understand how this idea got into your head, especially when your next sentence begins with "since you care about the poor...".

And yes, many rich people and countries do care about the poor, as do humanitarian organizations. It's not unsolvable problem.

And yes, I've got faith in the fixing of the corrupt and non-functional UN, just like you've obviously got faith in your incompetent NASA.

The planets and stars are still going to be there in 50-100 years from now [...]
Exactly. It's not like we're chasing some Mystery Trader from Stars!. We're looking at a universe that's been there for billions of years and shows no sign of planning to vanish in the near future.

[...] as it stands right now, we're in a lot more danger of wiping ourselves out through war, famine, pestilence, global warming, voting Republican/Sinn Fein/DUP, etc etc etc than we are from space-borne debris.
Correct. It's a common argument that we should prepare ourselves against Mr. Doomsday Asteroid™, but what about the environmental threats right here at our doorstep? I'm sure the victims of natural disasters, crime and terrorism will be really happy to know that they're at least safe from some huge rock that may hit us in 400 years, but I doubt it provides them much comfort.

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