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Originally Posted by Mace MacLeod
Okay, this is all just getting silly.
Of course it is silly to you.
Because discussion is about interstellar travel, this kind of discussion is always silly as you see it.
So, it is pointless trying to interest you, so I'm not going to bother trying to.

Originally Posted by Mace MacLeod
The planets and stars are still going to be there in 50-100 years from now
See, that is the kind of laziness I'm talking about.
Originally Posted by Mace MacLeod
we have to solve our earthly problems (yes, including racism, money, Nazis, and all your other favourite topics for incoherent, technicolour ranting) in order to make sure that we as a species are still around in 50-100 years' time

Racism will not be solve that is a fool's errand, even my ranting ass will accept that; when we ever or IF we ever travel the Milky Way racism will still be present, it will be racism of other species in this galaxy.

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