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Originally Posted by windu6
Of course it is silly to you.
Because discussion is about interstellar travel, this kind of discussion is always silly as you see it.
So, it is pointless trying to interest you, so I'm not going to bother trying to.
Who said I'm not interested in interstellar travel? Of course I'm interested in interstellar travel. I'm also interested in solving our terrestrial problems like everyone else here except you. As usual.
Originally Posted by windu6
Racism will not be solve that is a fool's errand, even my ranting ass will accept that; when we ever or IF we ever travel the Milky Way racism will still be present, it will be racism of other species in this galaxy.
Well, now who's being lazy? I for one believe that it is possible to solve problems like that, and that we should put more effort and expense into doing so, rather than pouring all society's resources into hyperdrive research just because some college kids are chomping at the bit to run away from their problems.

If the girls on Earth all ignore you, why would the ones on Sirius be any different?

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