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Originally Posted by Mace MacLeod
Who said I'm not interested in interstellar travel? Of course I'm interested in interstellar travel. I'm also interested in solving our terrestrial problems like everyone else here except you.
As usual.
So, if this hyperdrive engine become a reality, we should remain here and solve every single problem at a 100% success value?

Problems: environmental destruction, global warming, diseases, poverty and etc.
What else?
We will always have diseases; poverty will always be present to a degree, global warming: oil campanies and some chemical companies are responsible of this problem.
Possible solutions of global warming : hydrogen fuel cells, get rid of oil companies, stop using oil completely, more nuclear power plants creation & stop heavy deforestation(plants live off CO2, more plants and trees the better) and etc.
Originally Posted by Mace MacLeod
Well, now who's being lazy? I for one believe that it is possible to solve problems like that, and that we should put more effort and expense into doing so, rather than pouring all society's resources into hyperdrive research just because some college kids are chomping at the bit to run away from their problems.
The only thing I believe that is going to solve racism, is when the aliens reveal themselves or they land on the proverbial White House lawn, after all the religious rioting.
Originally Posted by Mace MacLeod
If the girls on Earth all ignore you, why would the ones on Sirius be any different?
What the hell is this suppose to mean?
Let me guess you are calling me a loser, because I want to travel the Milky Way today so, I must not have a women or getting any.

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