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I think there is likely a genetic predisposition for sexuality one way or the other, and something in the environment triggers that development. However, it's so much more complex than "Billy and Bobby both have the gay gene, and Billy was loved and accepted by his father and grew up straight while Bobby got molested by an uncle so now he's gay". There are so many things to sort out--genes, environmental factors, hormones/other biochemical processes, relationships with adults, child development factors, among a host of other issues.
Originally Posted by ET Warrior
Maybe I missed the memo explaining WHY what a person chooses to do consensually with themselves or another human being should be impacting social policy, or really be the concern of anyone at all.
Because we have legislators in California who think that making kids aware of the sexual orientation (usually homosexual in this case) of famous politicians/authors/etc. is somehow extremely important. Americans kids can't do math, but it's somehow more important for them to learn that some mathemetician was gay than to learn 2+2=4. It seems to me to be such a waste of time and educational resources, but saying that would probably get me labeled as anti-gay rather than as someone who thinks we should be focusing on the basics in education rather than something irrelevent to lifeskills like whether someone was gay, straight, or other. Who cares if an author was gay or straight? Kids are supposed to be reading the works and learning good writing, not wasting time learning whether the author went to bed with Bill, Barb, or a sheep. What's more important--Catherine the Great's effects on Russia and its history, or how she supposedly died?

There's also the debate on gay marriage vs. civil unions vs. other types of legal benefits, etc., and it's a big deal in the US right now. Sexual orientation certainly has a factor in that debate, vegetable orientation does not (And might I say for the record, I'm proud to be a pro-tomato person. ). There are a lot of questions people need answered on that before they're comfortable putting the gay/straight issue on the back burner--same-sex parenting and its effects on children, the role (if any) of child physical/sexual abuse and orientation, does allowing same-sex marriage open the door to other types of really aberrant relationships (e.g. adult-child sexual relationships a la Nambla, for instance), etc., etc. Whether it _should_ be an issue or not is irrelevent to the fact that it _is_ an issue, at least in the US.

And yes,the US is entirely too preoccupied with sex. You should have seen some of the looks I got breastfeeding my children in public, even when I had everything completely covered up. I don't know if people were worried about me flashing them or what, but it was very odd. It made me want to go whack them on the head and say "It's a breast, and it's under a blanket, for God's sake. It's not just for sex, it's for feeding babies, too. Grow up and get over your hormones."

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