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A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away...

Star Wars
The Sera Tana Saga - Short Fan Fiction Part III: The Fallen Ones

The battle on TRAMOND XXV is almost over. But will it cost several more lives? SERA TANA is about to confront a familiar person, before going to find her leader and the man she loves. REVAN.

Now, the final events on Tramond will soon be over, before going to MALACHOR V and end the MANDALORIAN WARS. Who will win? Sera or her friend, QUALLAN DEVON


Blaster fire and explosions could be heard everywhere. Sera Tana, a young Jedi Knight, used the Force to dodge every single blaster shot, coming from the Mandalorian opposition. She could see her two friends, Revan and Quallan Devon in the distance. Sera could sense the dark side within them. How strong, how impatient it was, how it hungered for power. Sera knew that she had to save Quallan from the path that he had chosen, before Revan would eventually kill him.


“You may rise, Devon,” Revan told Quallan, who stood up.

Quallan was shivering. He had been fighting with Revan for a long time and during their time together, Quallan could sense that the two of them had changed. But not just them. The majority of the Jedi who had followed Revan and his best friend, Malak, had also changed. Quallan knew that only one Jedi hadn’t changed. Sera. The one he had loved, since their first meeting together, when they were younglings. Quallan knew that Revan and Sera were in love together and always had been and that is what made Quallan angry. He wanted Sera for himself. He didn’t want Revan to cause her pain. The only reason Quallan had been dragged down the dark path was because of his strong attraction for Sera.

“You’re weak Devon,” Revan continued, no emotion in his voice, “You wouldn’t have the power to defeat me. Ever. That is why you’ll die here, in the midst of this battle and I shall let the Mandalorians and the planet kill you.”

With one sweep of his black robe, Revan walked away, towards the Sith temple. Quallan really wanted to attack Revan right now, however, he knew how strong Revan had become. Quallan would be dead straight away. In shame, a tear poured down Quallan’s face, because of how he disappointed Revan and Sera.


Sera watched as Revan walked away. He had truly fallen and he had brought all of his supporters down with him. The only supporter, who hadn’t fallen, was Sera. Sera knew that she needed to find Revan, before he brought anyone else down with him. She could only hope that Quallan would help her. If not, then he had fallen as well or he was in shame for being “weak” as Revan just called him. Sera was surprised that the Republic, the Jedi and the Mandalorians hadn’t fought where Quallan was. They were outside the Sith temple. Sera walked towards Quallan.

“Quallan,” Sera began, “Are you alright?”

Quallan stood up and turned to see Sera. He had obviously been upset, but Sera knew that he was over it now. All Sera could see now was the anger within him.

“Sera,” Quallan began, immediately grabbing her hand and holding it tight, “You’re here and you’re alive.”

“Of course I’m alive,” Sera told him, “Listen, Quallan, we need to find Revan and stop him, before he brings…”

Quallan squeezed Sera’s hand more, which was beginning to hurt her. Before speaking again, Quallan threw Sera backwards. Sera’s Lightsaber unclipped from her belt, but Sera used the Force to pull it back to her. She stood up, not ignited her Lightsaber.

“Quallan please, can’t you see what Revan is doing?” Sera asked, “He is bringing everyone down the dark path, can’t you see that? Can’t you see what he did to you?”

Quallan ignited his Lightsaber, a green blade glowing and humming to life.

“Don’t make me kill you Sera,” He warned her, “I loved you. I still love you and even once your dead, I will continue to love you.”

Sera sighed.

“I’ll do what I must,” She told Quallan, “If I’m exiled from the Jedi Order, because of this, I won’t care. I just don’t want you to suffer the same fate as Revan.”

Sera ignited her Lightsaber, a yellow blade glowing and humming to life, which accompanied Quallan’s Lightsaber. Quallan leapt towards Sera, who immediately blocked Quallan’s attack. Sera began with her own attacks, trying to find a weakness in Quallan. He was strong and managed to force Sera back into the Mandalorian battleground. Sera managed to stay away from that battle concentrating on Quallan. If he had fallen and there was no way of redeeming him, Sera knew that she had to kill him. She remembered the story of Jolee Bindo, who had let his wife live, after she fell to the dark side. He had regretted letting her live, after finding out there was no way of redemption. Sera wasn’t there to witness him leaving the Jedi, but it was of his own choice. Would the same thing happen to Sera? Or would she be exiled? Exiled for killing Quallan? Or exiled for following Revan and Malak to war against the Mandalorians, which was against the Jedi Master’s wishes.

“You can’t defeat me, Sera,” Quallan told her, sounding big headed, “But I can defeat you.”

Quallan used the Force to pull a large pillar down, towards Sera, but Sera sensed the pillar coming, so at the last minute, Sera dodged and the pillar crushed Quallan. Sera used the Force to lift up the pillar and checked to make sure Quallan was still alive. He wasn’t.

“I never loved you Quallan,” Sera whispered, “I only liked you as a friend. I loved Revan, but I’m not sure if he ever loved me. He has done horrible things to me, but I’m going to have to live with them for the rest of my life. And I’m going to have to live with your death for the rest of your life.”


From the top of a hill, the Twi’lek Jedi Master, Nauk Grelan had watched Sera and Quallan fight. Quallan was his apprentice and he was felt guilty. He had tried to prevent Quallan from joining Revan and Malak, but over time, Nauk joined them. If only he had tried to be stricter with Quallan.

The battle on Tramond XXV was almost over and Malachor V was under attack. Nauk knew that the Republic would need the Jedi. He ran down the hill and he soon arrived at the location of Sera and Quallan’s battle.

“Jedi Tana,” Nauk began, “You did the right thing. Quallan’s death was necessary.”

“Was it?” Sera asked, “I didn’t want to kill my friend, but I didn’t want to suffer a fate worse than Revan.”

“That is why you did the right thing,” Nauk told her, his voice comforting her, before he turned to look at the sky, seeing many Republic ships leaving Tramond, “There is one last battle we must fight. Malachor V. Are you coming? We will need your skills in this battle.”

Sera nodded, speechless.

“Then let’s go,” Nauk told her, before grabbing Quallan’s Lightsaber, which would be the only thing that would remind him of Quallan.

The End

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