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A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away...

Star Wars
The Sera Tana Saga - Short Fan Fiction Part IV: Forgotten Promises Part I

One JEDI was left without a master. One JEDI was forced to leave the JEDI ORDER, because of disobeying the JEDI MASTERS. MICAL was the apprentice. SERA TANA was the master. Both of them reunited, ten years later.

Ten years before they reunited, Sera observes a duel that Mical is taking part with. He is taking part with his rival, STEVEN SOLIDUS, who is also dying to be trained by Sera. The second JEDI GRAND MASTER, MASTER XARG is also observing the duel and as a JEDI KNIGHT, Sera must make a decision of who to train...


It was a beautiful day in the Jedi Temple. Sera Tana had been meditating in the tranquil gardens, listening to the Midi-chlorians receiving messages from the Force. Sera had always liked meditating in the gardens, since it was the one place she could relax fully, without the watchful eye of the Jedi Masters. She had always felt peace there. Sera sensed the Jedi Grand Master, Xarg, behind her. Sera opened her eyes and stood up to see the small master.

“Jedi Tana,” He began, his body hooked over his small wooden walking stick, “Choose padawan learner, you must.”

Sera knew that as a Jedi Knight, she would have to begin training an apprentice some time. She hadn’t had much experience training others. The only time she had was when she had to take a class of padawans for Xarg, since he had other matters to attend to.

“Padawans Mical and Steven,” Xarg continued, “Choose to be your first apprentice, you will.”

“Must I choose?” Sera asked, trying not to be rude, since she wasn’t sure if she was ready.

Sera didn’t feel ready to train someone yet. She felt too young and not wise enough to train someone. What if she failed? She had heard rumours of some masters being exiled from the Order, because of having many failed apprentices. Sera didn’t want that to happen to her.

“Choose, you don’t have to,” Xarg told Sera, “Strongly recommend against it, I do. Come, let’s observe them, we must. First, talk to the Jedi Masters, I must.”

Xarg led Sera through the crowded corridors of the Jedi Temple. Soon, both of them arrived outside the Council meeting room. Xarg turned to Sera, before entering.

“Discuss matters with the masters, I must. Return to your quarters, you shall.”


Mical stood, his practice Lightsaber blade hissing through the air. He was preparing for his upcoming duel with his rival, Steven Solidus. The two of them had been rivals all their life and Steven had always been trying to beat Mical at everything. Mical knew that today would prove, which of them would go on to become a great Jedi. Mical hoped that he would be that great Jedi.

“Hey Mical,” Steven whispered in Mical’s ear, “Don’t even think of beating me. I’m the best.”

Mical smiled, not letting his confidence drop. Despite his rivalry with Steven, Mical had always been afraid of what Steven would do.

“Your overconfidence will be your downfall,” Mical warned, not letting his emotions take him over.

Steven ignored Mical and walked off, checking to make sure his Lightsaber moves were perfect. Mical knew that he wasn’t good with a Lightsaber. His strengths were with the Force. The Force guided him and it always had. Not only that, but he was also skilled with healing people. Whenever someone got injured, they came to Mical. Even the wisest of the Jedi Masters came to Mical, when they were injured on a mission. Mical’s talent had made some jealous and Steven was one of those people who was jealous. In a way, Mical wished he wasn’t good at what he did, since he didn’t have many friends, but he knew that it would save lives. So what would Mical do? Heal someone when they were injured or loose his talent and become like the other Padawans? Mical decided not to think about it and returned to practice for the duel.


Sera and Xarg entered the training room. Many Padawan Learners were waiting to see Mical and Steven’s duel and they were all excited. Steven was excited. Mical wasn’t. He wanted to prove that he was a great Jedi, some other way. He didn’t like fighting, but he knew that all Jedi had to be able to protect themselves.

“Time, it is,” Xarg began, “For Padawan Mical and Padawan Steven to begin their duel.”

Mical and Steven took their places on the small stage. Here, they would have a duel, to see who Sera would take as her first apprentice. Mical had seen her before. From the first moment she had taken one of his classes, Mical had idolised her and he even thought he loved her. Jedi weren’t supposed to love, or at least, that was what Mical had been taught. Steven ignited his Lightsaber, a blue blade humming to life. Mical also ignited his Lightsaber, another blue blade that hummed to life, accompanying the sound of Steven’s Lightsaber. Mical knew that the Lightsabers weren’t made to kill. These practice Lightsabers would only sting the opponent, causing a burn, but nothing too serious.

“Begin your duel, you may,” Xarg told the two Padawans, as he stepped off the stage.

Steven made the first move, running towards Mical, ready to strike. Mical ducked Steven’s first attack and he let the Force guide him. Mical attacked with several strikes of his own, dodging Steven’s at the same time. At one point, Steven managed to use a powerful Force push to force Mical off the stage. Mical had wondered how Steven had managed to have such a powerful push. Xarg scolded Steven, warning him that the duel was of close combat and not of usage of using Force powers. Mical got up and once again, Steven knocked him down again. Mical was losing badly and he really wanted to beat Steven up. That was wrong wasn’t it? Wanting to beat someone up for revenge. Mical was being beaten again and again, because he had let his guard down. That’s it. He would get revenge. At least it wouldn’t make it look like Mical was weak. Dodging another attack from Steven, Mical immediately let himself use his Lightsaber to keep hitting Steven in the back. Ignoring his cries, Mical kept hitting him, getting his revenge on him. Steven had been horrible in the past to Mical and others and this was his moment to strike back.

“Stop, you must!” Xarg shouted, using the Force to take Mical’s Lightsaber from him, before looking at Steven, “Go to your quarters, you shall. You and the others.”

As everyone left, Mical began to feel guilty for what he had done. He would never behave like that. Nobody else believed that he could behave like that. Everyone believed that Mical was the perfect student with no flaws. Now they knew that he wasn’t.

To Be Continued...

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