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((OCC@ Rav- Ok you're ether going to have to say you were at the meeting or come into it a little later.))

Lord Elrond of Rivendell walked onto the balcony where the meeting was to take place. It was the same place where Frodo volunteered to take the One ring to Mordor and now it would be the Place where others would leave on an equally perilous Journey. Most of the assembled party stood as the Master of Rivendell walked over to his thrown and stood in front of it.

“Please be seated!” Elrond invited as he sat.

With everyone now seated Elrond looked around the assembled party from all over middle earth.

“As you all know times are dark and it will not be long before Sauron unleashes his army of evil upon all our Kinsman.” The Elf began. “We cannot Just stand against them forever, soon they will become too much for us to defend against and will swarm our lands covering it in darkness.”

Elrond paused for a moment as he leaned forward. “We have begun a mission of great importance and secrecy which could end this war. But I have my doubts of its success and feel that we must have a plan in case my fears come true. We have discovered the location of the Nárë Ondo, the only weapon in all the earth with the power to stop the wave of Orcs that shall spill out of the black gates in the Coming days. We have decided that you shall all be sent to retrieve it from Dol Guldur where it has remained hidden for years.”
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