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((22 days. That's how long I've been gone. I've had some family issues that I needed to see through. But I'm back now, and it's time we brought this story to a close soon.

So let's get started. I'm going to step in as the Threadmaster and get the story back into action. I'm going to take over for a post. Everyone.))

Bastila sat cross legged in her cell, her eyes closed, trying desperately to meditate. But her mind consistently wandered, and without the ebb of the Force to comfort her, fear and panic were beginning to take their hold.

"Do you mind, Atton?" snapped Jasra suddenly.

Atton caught his ball again, glaring at her. "Not at all," he said darkly. When she looked away, he threw the ball to the floor again, catching it again when it returned to waist height.

Jarsa wheeled on him, her eyes blazing. "I'm serious, Atton. Stop it, now!"

"Shut up," spat Atton, throwing the ball to the floor and catching it again.

"I swear Rand..." she hissed, glarring daggers at him. "If you don't stop with that ball, when I get out of this cell, I'll-"


They both turned to stare innocently at Bastila, who's eyes had snapped open. She struggled to her feet in the cramped space, and seemed to fill the room in her rage. "Both of you! You're acting like Children! Mindless bickering is not going to get us any nearer to escaping!"

They glared at each other again, but neither of them said anything. The seconds stretched on, and the silence was finally broken by the sound of the chamber door opening, and the sharp footsteps of Vros, flanked by not two, but five guards. Bastila took a deep breath, ready for what Vros had in store.

Vros motioned to one of the masked guards, and the force shields holding both Bastila and Atton dropped. Four of the five guards flanked them, while the fifth, the one who had shut down the force shields, remained at Vros' side.

"If you'll come with me, please," he said shortly.

"Wait," said Jasra, coming to the edge of her cage. "Why take Atton? He's not-"

But the rest of her words were drowned out by Bastila shouting a warning to Atton as he leapt onto the guard on his right. With a swing with his right hand, he drilled his fist into the guard's face, then delivered a sharp kick to his abdomen.

The mask fell off as the guard fell to the floor. Bastila stared, her eyes wide, and felt her jaw drop. She knew that face.

"R... Revan?!" she stammered, moving forward. "Is that...?"

It wasn't Revan, she could tell. His eyes were grey, where they should be blue, and his hair was graying, and his face had a blank, sunken look to them. His eyes were glazed and unfocused, and the spark of brilliance and life that usually shone from them was absent.

Vros smiled. "I'm sure you recognise Master Revan, Madam Jedi," he said venomously. "Or at the very least, my child here who resembles your dear friend."

Bastila turned to him. "What is this? What have you done?"

Vros' grin stretched. "Just my humble attempts at cloning," he said proudly, helping his servant to his feet. "A simple minded beast. Incapable of speach, reading, writing, or anything more than basic numeric equations. No emotions to speak of. But it serves its purpose. They all do."

"What do you mean, they all do?"

"Oh, all twelve of my guards were created using the same genetic template. A small sample of Master Revan's DNA obtained after the Jedi Civil War. Oh, how it was obtained is irrelevant," he said, waving a hand at Bastila's questioning gaze. He was growing impatient, she could tell.

"But enough chat," he said, turning away from Bastila towards the only door. The Revan-guards grabbed their prisoners and half guided, half dragged their prisoners out of the room.

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