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Originally posted by Totenkopf:
You were trying to trivialize the "preoccupation with sex" by comparing orientation to tomatoes. I merely pointed out that that's in effect what you were doing.

---Once again incorrect, Tot. ET was in fact pointing out the blatant triviality of any preoccupation with sex and sexual preferences. He wasn't "trying to trivialise" anything. That's the distinction you've been missing all along.....
As usual, al, you're mistaken. I got the point he was making and disagreed with it. I understood exactly where he was going and demonstrated as much. He was trivializing the issue with his "challenge". If you don't understand that.....

Originally posted by Totenkopf:
You view things through a much more liberal lens than most of the population on this issue.

----You say this as if it's a bad thing. The majority of the US population hates, mistrusts or otherwise looks down on atheists, and directly or indirectly supports international aggression... so if ET is more "liberal" on these issues than the majority of the US public, that's a big mark in ET's favour. I for one am more liberal than the US majority. of course I'm also more conservative......
Yet again, you're mistaken (I sense a pattern here). First of all, I never say whether it's a good or bad thing. The statement is a neutral observation of fact. You once again infer meaning. "I'm more liberal.., I'm more conservative.." Which is it? Or did you merely mean to say that you're more liberal on some issues and more conservative on others? Also, I'm not appealing to the majority in making some kind of moral statement (though, impeachable source that you are, you always seem to try to go there). You are, in fact, the one who tries to reinterpret everyones' comments and shoehorn them into a moral statements. Take your own advice.

Originally posted by Totenkopf:

Your unwillingness to think or feel that the issue matters reflects your more hedonistic or libertine outlook on matters of sex.

Bahahaha! So if ET believes that the question of where you like to stick your ding-dong isn't as earth-shatteringly important as most buffoons make it out to be... He's expounding the views of a hedonist and a libertine?

---That is the most pathetically nonsensical assertion I've read all week.

Hmm, real pithy and mature response. ( )

Originally posted by Totenkopf:

But frankly, the comparison is there not ONLY to suggest equivalency between the two but also to suggest that that is the solution people SHOULD arrive at anyway.

------But of course they should arrive at this conclusion Tot, because it's the logical conclusion to arrive at. Let's examine the reasoning behind the position that (consentual) sexual preferences are not intrinsically important.......
al, do everyone a favor and quit confusing your personal positions as being unimpeachable. From your philosophical pov, you may feel they are. That, unfortunately for you, does not make them so. end of story.
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