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I just learned that Within Temptation is about to release a new album, The Heart of Everything, next month. Seems like they will mix their typical symphonic metal sound with a few more "normal" rock songs this time. I rarely ever pre-order anything, but this is one exception.

Since I like almost all of their music this put me in the mood to listen to a marathon of older Within Temptation songs:

From the Mother Earth album I listened to the ballad Our Farewell, a great song that gives me some celtic associations for some reason, and Ice Queen and The Promise which both are more typical of their style of symphonic heavy metal.

Further I listened to See who I am from The Silent Force album which has a very high goose bump factor.

Running up that hill, a great cover of the old Kate Bush song, from the single with the same name.

I rounded off with Restless from the Enter album, another ballad with great singing from Sharon, the band's lead singer.

(The above linked youtube live clips I dug up to illustrate have rather poor sound quality, but should still give some idea of what they sound like. )


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