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Originally posted by Fish.Stapler:

In response to Spider AL, the reason the Old Testament is lumped in with the teachings of Jesus is that the prophecies that told of his coming were in there. They were like the prelogue, the backstory so to speak. You saw that Jesus fulfilled all those prophecies and you saw the kind of world he was coming into.
Firstly Fish, I must laud the detail contained within your response. (Detail... that's something which is often sadly lacking in posts on this forum, and on many other forums.)

Secondly however, I must point out that my original statement was: "it's one of the great tragedies in the history of dissident philosophy that stories about an activist trying to point out the immorality of judaistic dogma (Jesus) should be pervertedly lumped in with the barbaric old testament, to form the bible."

And your response- basically a regurgitation of one of the church's possible excuses for that amalgamation of the two- doesn't address my statement at all... And in fact isn't relevant to my statement. My statement was and is correct, it IS a tragedy that Jesus' essentially dissident philosophical ramblings were subsumed by a pre-existing barbaric theistic doctrine like Judaism. If they hadn't been, then the peaceful teachings attributed to the character of Jesus might not have been so totally debased by idiotic fanatics over the centuries.

In fact, theological so called "reasons" for the lumping of the Judaistic old testament in with the moral teaching of Jesus are essentially meaningless. They're more excuses than reasons, they're overly involved, clearly doctrinally self-serving and frankly... they rely on religious dogma, so they're automatically irrelevant in all senses. In other words "reason" has little or nothing to do with it. Let's face it, the old testament and the new testament describe two different gods. Not one god who was a little cranky in the morning... but two different gods. One is a petulant, violent, murderous, fascist, racist, jealous mysoginist... and the other is supposed to be love personified. Those concepts don't mesh, Fish.

Call me uncharitable to the christian church if you like, but it seems fairly likely to me that the official amalgamation of the old and new testaments occurred because the church wanted to be a truly dominant world power. And one doesn't control people with messages of morality, love and freedom. Nope, what you need is a mixture of a good bit of fire and brimstone to keep the people in line, and a veneer of universal love and filial charity to give the whole thing a facade of moral authority. And when you want to encourage people to get along with each other, you can refer to some new testament guff, and when you want them to kill each other, you can reel off some old-testament barbarism! Worked pretty well for a couple of millennia, to be honest.

Oh, and Eagle, that image- though highly amusing- is stretching my window out of all proportion! Spare a thought for those of us with more modest resolutions why don'tcha!

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