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Originally Posted by Totenkopf
Unforunately, al, I didn't misunderstand anything.
Well you did miss the point Tot, and you've missed it again. Intentionally or unintentionally... it doesn't matter which. Specifically:

Originally Posted by Totenkopf
If one can regard menial work as a form of restitution, then the same can be said for breaking rocks.
It would depend on whether the rock-breaking was such hard labour as to be physically debilitating, Tot. It was certainly back-breaking labour in the old days. Conditions were so harsh that it could legitimately be called a form of morally reprehensible slavery.

As I stated before, one cannot impose physically damaging tasks or workloads onto a prison population, and then excuse it as "part-payment of their debt to society". But innocuous tasks such as stamping license plates or doing laundry are- of course- totally different. Especially since prisoners also routinely receive a small wage for performing these tasks. And your attempts to equate old fashioned chain-gangery with modern prison work... are crass.

Originally Posted by Totenkopf
I don't know about your country, but over here unemployment and welfare are two different systems with different requirements.
lol, Tot, YOU were the one who appeared to be confusing the two terms, not I. You comment is therefore irrelevant to me.

Originally Posted by Totenkopf
Frankly, "the dole" only ensures that MAYBE you won't be out robbing people while you look for new work. Not much of a benefit, since you can do that to people while working as well.
... Oh dear, what is this supposed to imply? That there is some association between people on unemployment benefit and "going out robbing people"?

What possible relevance does this have to ANYTHING? Utterly ludicrous, to be frank.

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