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I totally agree with you Spider. Though Catholic, I don't actively practice the religion. I suppose I mislabeled it, I just wanted to throw that out there for everyone to see. The primary point I was trying to make with my post was this...

"So, Fundamentalist Christians are technically going against their own religion when they preach the Old Testament and deny the pacifistic teachings of Jesus in the New Testament."

I also find it a great tragedy that the Old Testament had to be contained with the New Testament. I don't even know where my Bible actually is, but I have two copies of the New Testament because I greatly admire the pacifistic teachings of Jesus and I consciously try to emulate his example. The primary reason it is included though, is that it was demonstrating that Jesus is the Messiah. There were MANY people who claimed to be the Messiah over the years, but Jesus is the only one who fulfilled ALL the prophecies and thus, he is the only one who can be truly considered the Messiah. To me, that is the only justifiable reason actually, so we can know who was lying and who is real.

And, I'm going to agree with you once again on the "concepts not meshing". To me, the Old Testament god was kind of like the boogeyman..."LISTEN TO HIM OR HE RIPS YOUR EYES OUT AND DAMNS YOU TO THE FIRES!". Supposedly, Jesus and God are really one in the same (as well as the holy spirit, hence the Holy Trinity). Doesn't seem to make sense to me, and that's one of the reasons I'm amazed Christians don't try to downplay the Old Testament. I mean, you get a savior who comes along and dies so he can change the barbaric ways of murdering people who disagree with you, and still preach the gospel of hate? What? I don't get that. Jesus died so he could erase all that, and change your methods to pacifism. That's the kind of religion I want to follow. The "turn the other cheek", "love thy neighbor" and not the "STONE THE INFIDEL". That is one of the reasons Fundies are so rejected by everyone, including many other Christian groups. Many Christians do practice tolerant behaviors. The reason you don't hear about those is that they aren't raising their voice to lambast every "homosexual" or "infidel" that crosses their path. You really only hear about the hateful morons who seek to bash everyone who crosses their path. I find it a shame for all Christians everywhere, especially because morons like the Fundies have managed to drive so many people away and make countless others angry not just at the fundies, but at everyone who practicies religion.

And, I probably missed something I should address...English was not my first language and I still struggle decoding these forum posts . Suppose that's what I get for coming to an intelligent debate forum .

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