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Darth Tepe hopped on his speeder bike, rushing towards the Jedi generals who had landed with their forces on Bandomeer, trying to cut the Dominion mining operation there. The Sith Lord activated one of his lightsabers which he again was using , cutting Alliance troops on the way. The artillery tried to stop him as well as some of the walker, but he disposed of them easily. The Dominion troops marched behind him to the battlefield, opening fire in their rather new design of armor and improved blasters. The Sith was still on his way when the actual battle started and soldiers of both sides started to fall. When finally getting to the command post, the Sith stopped the bike while getting ready to jump off it, which he did. The soldiers around the command post opened fire but with the second lightsaber also activated, they had no chance against the skilled Sith Lord. Tepe was faced by three jedi. Two older ones and one merely a padawan.

"Welcome to Bandomeer. I'll be your guide for today, Lord Tepe"
"You won't win this war, Darth"
"You are quite wrong. I'm already winning"
The four clashed into battle with their red, green and blue lightsabers swinging in the air. The Sith seemed to be in trouble, but he calmly locked the two lightsabers together and swung into battle. A dust started to gather around them as they moved the earth beneath them with their feet. Every now and then a force attack was attempted and sometimes even succeeding in it. For twenty minutes they dueled before Tepe detatched from the fight and grinned with a lone sweat drop going down his cheek. The jedi were panting and got ready for another round.
"Let's start this fight then, gentlemen. I'm quite throught in toying with you" the Sith Lord said and a shock gleamed from the faces of the jedi. How cold someone a old as he still go on with the belief of winning. Tepe took one of his lightsabers and put it away, shocking the Jedi some more.

The four clashed again, the Sith holding his ground and forcing the Jedi on the attack. Using Makashi, he found easily penetratable places and struck down the first jedi, the padawan. The rest of the jedi went into a rage and Tepe too a defencive style into use.
"I am the master of far too many styles for you to understand" Tepe said before vanishing from their view. Suddenly, the red lightsaber was seen with a long tail following it. With the technique used by Emukiel Al-Saefar during the Hundred Year Darkness, the Sith swiftly struck down both Jedi before they could even blink. The Lord stood tall as the jedi fell and then looked at the battle. The Dominion was winning, which was no wonder. The strong force user deactivated his lightsaber, gathered the Jedi lightsabers and raised his hand towards the Galactic Alliance artillery. Explosions rang throughout the battlefield as the artillery was destroyed by the lone man with a dark cape flapping behind him. As Lord Tepe sat onto his bike again, he observed the fall of the Alliance troops. He contacted the Admiral waiting up in space. The space battle was still going on.

"Admiral, any news from my apprentices?"
"Yes, my lord. Lady Charna has won the defence of Naboo and Kaoin is still fighting on Lorrd aganst the Galactic Alliance garrison."
"What about the population? What do my people say?"
"The Lorrdians have turned against the Galactic Alliance, sire"
"Good. Prepare the ship for a trip to Lorrd. Send message to Lady Charna that I wish to meet her in the capital for a briefing as soon as possible"
"Yes, my lord. What about Kaoin?"
"I will tell him myself. Send a gunship to pick me up"
"Yes, my lord"

The gunship left the large ship with a small fighter escort. As they lowered to the battlefield, the battle was nearly over with the last Galactic Alliance forces being defeated. In space the battle still raged with the Dominion slightly winning. Tepe drove his speeder bike onto the gunship and told them to lift off. The ships left back to space and went inside the dungeon ship's many hangars. The overly big ship went straight throught the battle, shooting several Galactic Alliance ships into space dust on it's way. It tilted the battle majorly for the Dominion and then jumped into hyperspace for a short trip to Lorrd.

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