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Originally Posted by Ray Jones
Ah, and the space shuttle is actually a craft capable of leaving the solar system? And I thought it isn't even able to get us to the moon.
I just was giving a example, that the hyperdrive engine the engineers of Heim's Quantum Gravity theory proposes, is not to big to be put inside a more capable spacecraft than the shuttle.

For the space shuttle to be a truely capable of interstellar travel.
First: it will have to have a nuclear reactor to power a strong magnetic field to deflect charge interstellar radiation like in stellar winds; solar wind proton plasma, charge cosmic radiation ;cause by supernova explosions, rotating neutron stars, radio galaxies(that are very luminous at radio wavelengths), quasars( old galaxies that have a feeding supermassive black hole]) and cosmic radiation comes from black hole's extremely strong magnetic fields as observation and theory suggestes at the moment; cosmic rays are 90% very high speed protons moving at about 149,025 mi/s close to the speed of light or 80% the speed of light.
A space vehicle or the space shuttle would also need to be protected from high density intersellar medium gas and dense plasma nebulae gas and without a doubt a cold plasma shield technology would be needed to absorb highly intense radiation that is not charge like gamma radiation or other unknown high energy radiation that may exist in the Milky Way and the universe; x-rays is high speed electrons & beta radiation is slow speed electrons or a positrons(antimatter) so can be deflected with a magnetic field.
A nuclear reactor may also perferred to power high thrust ion engines for sublight propuslion for a failsafe if negative graviphoton propulsion is offline.
Second: the space shuttle will probably have to be refitted and sized up a bit to put in a small nuclear reactor or reactors (that currenly occupy navy ships and nuclear subs) and for huge amount of food stuffs for long interstellar or intergalactic voyages; the physics of hyperspace susggest that Miguel Alcubierre warpdrive is to slow for intergalactic travel, hell the calculations I have done and that I have seen in physical review letters suggest it is way to slow and energy intensive compare to hyperdrive FTL propulsion for long interstellar voyages in this galaxy.

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