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Originally Posted by drunkymonkey
I really agree with the feedback thing. Feedback is one of those things that writer need to keep going, and without it, and without knowing how people are liking your story, one third of the reasoning behind writing goes out of the window (the other two being enjoyment and money).
An author should write a story not because of the reviews but for their own reasons (not including reviews -_-; ) such as expression, and creative release (very similar to sexual release).

In fact I write for a "fandom" where I am the only person actually in it. Crazy, huh?

No, I am not dead. Shame, I know. I'm sure you were all honestly hoping I'd just dropped off the face of the planet, what with me and my constant updating and review whoring.
On three. Ready? One. Two. Three. WE LOVE YOU.

So seriously stop wondering if we hate your story or not. In fact go and write something totally ridiculous, post it, and be proud-say it loud! In fanfiction your possibilities are limitless and the style is your own. As long as you really put effort into it than of course it's going to come out good. As always a few things can be brushed up but that's what reviews (and constant writing) are for.

If someone gives you **** for it well then, that's their opinion. It's totally valid but that doesn't mean it's bad. If someone gives you a review it's still their opinion and you can make your own decision if you need to fix up what they were suggesting.

This has inspiried me to make an odd post on the OFF (Yay the Simpsons!) thread.
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