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Originally Posted by tk102
Here's one that I just tried out last night that I'm very happy with:
The Complete Craftsman

For those of you who like the crafting system in NWN2, you will be pleased with this one. It adds a huge number of new enchantments and items to the possible recipes plus the ability to breakdown magic items into their essences and gems. You can also put restrictions on your items to give yourself additional enchantment slots. Pretty nice mod.
Heh, I loved crafting all those arrows, even if I couldn't use them much after getting the sword reforged. There's just something about seeing arrows dripping with acid or flaming out while flying across the screen that I love.... This mod will be a lot of fun to use, and so will the Hero Creator. I like my resting too much to use the AI hackpack, tho.

I saw this and thought you might all be interested: NWN2 Toolset Guide. I haven't looked at it just yet, but I can see how it works compared to the guide Jimbo bought.

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